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Unclaimed Money Secrets in Montana

April 21st, 2022

Is there secret unclaimed money in Montana? Perhaps everybody is metaphorically thankful that the economy is in a bad shape now; if not, millions of unclaimed money and properties would not be discovered.

The fuzz about these dormant assets has recently proliferated all over the news. Whether it’s online or broadcast and print, the states are calling out for possible owners of unclaimed cash in their records. In the United States of America, at least 400 billion dollars were found kept by the government.

Texas and Missouri also holds two of the most blinding amount of dormant assets. Texas holds at least 2 million, which consists of unreturned cash and unclaimed properties. And Missouri announced about 500 million dollars worth of assets.

Official state comptrollers have released legitimate statements of confirmation. Conferences have been aired, official websites launched, and signed ads were posted to inform of the public of their forgotten riches.

And as the list lengthens, the state of Montana has also announced their records of unclaimed properties. On the latest estimation, their records hold about 21 million dollars worth of cash, checks, payrolls, tax refunds, certificates and etc. No wonder it is dubbed as the “Treasure State” because there is a real treasure in Montana.

Montana’s Pot of Gold

Montana’s unclaimed assets consists of money, uncashed checks, drafts, state warrants, uncashed payroll checks, utility deposits, interest dividends or income, savings and checking accounts, safe deposit box contents, credit balances, customer overpayments, gift certificates, unidentified remittances, stocks, bonds and uncashed coupons. All of these have exceeded dormancy stage in their respective agencies and were returned to the state government for safety keeping.

Oftentimes, the dormancy range lasts for about 1-5 years depending on the agency. Afterwards, it is turned over to the state government for proper return or safe keeping. However, and this is a very common incident in America, people always tend to neglect forwarding their new postal addresses as they relocate from one state to another.

Nevertheless, the states’ governments are willing to return the unclaimed money. The State of Montana has opened their records for anyone interested to know if they have left behind millions and billions of assets just sitting and waiting to be discovered.

But the search is not easy for Montanans because the state doesn’t maintain any online search capabilities in their website. They link their site to various third party sites, mostly database search engines, which also relies on them for new updates. As new assets come to life and turned over everyday, the officials forget to notify and update these records. You have to make multiple searches to uncover your money.

On the bright side, there are database search engines that maintain regular updates of Montana’s undisclosed riches. Cash Unclaimed is one of the most prominent tools used not only by Montanans but also the whole of America in finding lost properties. Just enter your name, or your deceased relative’s name, or business name and you’ll be presented with the amount of money and where it was found.

If you have by any chance lived or made business in Montana, you might have left behind a treasure chest you forgot to dig up. Start your search now.